Come fly with a professional instructor and see the view from 1000+ feet! Please check the directions tab or call 506-229-1747 for more information regarding the location of your flight!  

Most Popular The Gotta try it now tandem 

Go up with a tandem instructor and be shown the "controls" and fly the instructor on a 2 person hang glider from  1000 and 1500 feet.


We offer Professional instruction and introductory Tandems to "want -to- be" pilots and those who are only "thinking about it" and trying it out.

Learning to fly with us in a Solo method is done in our Low And Slow sessions early Am or PM in a very controlled environment. We tow new pilots in training on flat ground via a small tow winch that tows the pilot in a "moon" walk fashion low to the ground. We continue to build skills in "Learning Blocks" adding more knowledge until the fledgling pilot is towing full straight tows to 800ft or more ,and performing proper aircraft approaches and landings. As students improve their skills we increase the tow heights attaining tow heights of over 2500Ft AGL (above ground level)

We at MHGA are working hard at building the pilot base in Canadas East coast

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SPECIAL DEAL Introductory Tandem Flight


Ultimate Ridge Soar Package $375.00 (weekday only winds permitting)

Learn to feel the air moving over /around obstacles  that makeup a ridge. Find the beach thermals, climb and "top out" in this thrill seeking adventure!

Includes 2 hours of ridge soaring, a video, awesome views and a ton of hands on flying with an instructor right there with you!


The foot launch free flight era seriously started after a man name Francis Rogallo designed a deploy-able triangle shaped wing for NASA rocket recovery. When common man (Okay so maybe not so common man)discover the Rogollo wing a new age of flight truly dawned! as time passed wings evolved,flat billowing sails evolved into fine cut shapes with curved (modern airfoil)aluminum battens to maintain wing shape and incredibly extending glides.Hardware store components lost there hold and succumbed to proper AN (Army/navy standard) aircraft industry hardware.It wasn't long and the Hang gliding Manufacturers association was born and Proper schools and instruction took place of "here man check this out,you just point the nose down an......". The Hang glider soon became one of the safest forms of flight. That age old dream had be realized.Humankind with wings and leaving and returning to the ground became a reality on ones own feet.


     Hi Scott, (taken from a customers email to us)

I can't even begin to say thank you. To you, the crew and to your fabulous family!

Both Mel and I were completely taken back, and She's finally relaxed now :)

I on the other hand... Well I can't begin to tell you how absolutely incredible it was to fly. Better than my dreams, or any I could have fathomed.  You helped me complete one of my bucket list items and truthfully so touching was your story of the same childhood dreams. 

I can't imagine anything surpassing that rush, that completeness of floating up in the sky.

Many years ago, I worked for a white water rafting company. A bunch of us went out in kayaks. Being a complete novice, I was in a tandem kayak with one of the more experienced guides. Needless to say we rolled the kayak and I didn't pull my skirt to free myself.  I remember the serenity of being under water, the sun so softly lightly lighting up the rocks and the bottom of the river.  It, at that time was the most peaceful feeling one could imagine.  Indescribable really. 

I just remember looking around and hearing the sound of my own thoughts. Then as quickly as that a tug on my life jacket, and I was pulled to the surface.

My experience on saturday reminded me of that same emotion. The kind that you can't describe, almost don't want to share simply because you want to keep that kind of special moment to yourself.  

So if I haven't bored you with my story, I did want to share my feelings. 
You asked me what I thought at the end of our flight.... Well you just can't describe an emotion you've never felt. Beyond any of my wildest dreams.

So thank you!
You really did make a girls dreams come true!
Steph :)

This was the most AMAZING thing i have ever done! The cliffs and view of the deluxe flight package was worth every penny! Amanda Cooper,Moncton N.B

I have always dreamed of flying but could never afford it. Maritime hang gliding academy took me up and even let ME FLY! I now have my own wing and fly  in my spare time on the coastal ridges and cliffs. Thanks MHGA and crew!  Matthew Richard St John New Brunswick

Big thanks to you Mr Newman and your crew for making our Coastal tour tops. The kids loved their  flight and thanks for bringing them back safely. Loving mother of two. Portland,Maine


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